ALifeLong – Tapanta – Legit parin ba?

I don’t know what to say. It’s been almost 3 months now as of this writing ng sumali ako sa ALifeLong. Alot of things happened. Sobrang dami ng updates at daming nabago sa site. Question is, “is it for the good or for the bad?”

Isa-isahin ko para malaman nyo.

Una, Delayed Payouts!

Last Known good payout ng AlifeLong was early Dec. Before kicked them out dahil sa sobrang dami ng payout ng Alifelong it violated threshold for a corporate verified account. With that being said, nagkaruon ng chain reaction yung pagbitaw ng for the mass payouts ng ALifelong. Naputol yung payout for Binary on that day. ALifeLong did not see it coming. Next thing we know, wala ng makitang matinong automated mass payout na nangyayari. ALifeLong decided to go manual, gave away funds to the team leaders to get it distributed to their team members manually using their personal accounts. Mukhang di naging maganda yung part nayun dahil the following week, they stopped it. Then comes the YouClick payout for Nov 24. Delayed (as far as I remember, it has 21k YouClick codes for payout, multiply it by 2500php, you do the math), promises has been shouted out by pres Elmer. But then again time is running and here comes the YouClick Payout for Dec 1 (another batch, with more than 20k YouClick codes for payout). Then YouClick batch Dec 8, 15, 22 and 29. All delayed. I will not talk about the past planned medium na gagamitin sana ni ALifeLong kasi nakaka dismaya lang. Let’s just talk about the current one, which is Flairtec.


Flairtec is the payment processor of AlifeLong now. They are the one sending updates DAILY. As of this writing meron na silang successful batches of payouts done daily. The problem is yung nasesendan nila ng payment is just a handful number of members. Look again on the excel list ng members na available for cashout ng Nov.24 Youclick, we are talking about 20k Youclick codes, Sabihin na nating madaming multiple accounts sa list na yun, gawin nating 5k nalang yung members. That means merong 5,000 na tao ang nag eexpect ng payment from ALifeLong. That’s a LOT! Again, Nov.24 palang yan, wala pa yung for December. Eh katapusan na ng January ngayon.

I’ll just park this post for now. Who knows, may funds talaga si ALifeLong na nakatago for Payout. Dinig ko 70M yung naka standby. Sana totoo yun. I’m hoping as well na kahit at least 70-70% is mabigyan ng payout, para somehow, they can still work on the version 2 of ALifeLong and put the company back to its feet.


Reviews – Legit ba?


Trending and madami kong nakikitang posts about this new opportunity online.
Nakaka intriga kaya bigyan natin ng pansin at silipin kung ano nga ang ALifeLong.

Ito yung info from their website
Click it and view the FAQ’sALifelong-review

May gumaya na bago sa ALifeLong libre lang, dito kayo mag register
Yung main website is sobrang bago pa, hindi pa nauupdate yung info sa template.
But let’s skip on that. Kasi they are “working on it” I think since dumadami na ang members.

There will be to sites where you need to login.

  1. Sa main system ng dito ka mag lologin, dito mo makikita lahat ng detalye ng account mo pati narin yung mga magiging sponsors mo. Binary ang system na gamit ng AlifeLong, may video sa baba para malaman mo kung paano mag eearn sa system na to. Libre magregister
  2. Sa clicking naman, dito yung makikita mong kumikita ng $10 after magclick ng magclick ng walang humpay hanggang matapos mo yung required na clicks daily (during weekdays lang) you will login here.

Umpisahan natin sa #1. Main system ng ALifeLong

Watch this

Ito mga ways to earn sa ALifeLong

1. Sign up Reward – $6 or P300.00 to get this reward you need to activate your account and it directly reflect upon your activation. You will see this on your dashboard. (realtime)
2. Sponsor Affiliate Reward – Its $2 or P100.00 you can get this reward when you can invite someone who is willing to join UNLIMITED ang sponsoring, as always for Affiliate program.
3. YOUCLICK PROGRAM – You will earn $10 everyday. Clicking within the app for a total of 2000 or 5000.
Youclick is only available every weekdays from Monday – Friday.
Youclick earnings can be withdrawn in a maximum of $50 every account.
Youclick is limited to earn only $50 dollars. (Kapag nareach mo na yung $50, cashout mo na at direct na papasok yun sa wallet mo, syempre register mo muna wallet mo pero kung wala ka pa nun, libre lang magkaruon nun dito)
4. Match Sales Reward – Pares pares(Binary Plan) You’re given 2 sales group which is left and right sales who can promote the business. So every time na merong interested people to join under you, left or right, it will MATCH, you will earn $3 or P150.00 directly to your account.

Safety measures ng system.

Per account is only given of a maximum 30 matches per day equals to $90 or P4,500.00 per day.

5. Sponsorship Level Reward – On your 1st Level you will earn $0.40 or P20.00 and 2nd Level to 10th Level in your group you will earn $0.20 or P10.00.
Now let’s go to #2. YouClick Program

Watch this video –

Youclick For Dummies

The goal is to click 2000 or 5000 clicks para mag earn ka ng reward worth $10.

But there is a catch, you need to…

  1. Finish the required amount of clicks on a specific timeframe. Example of the image below, you need to finish 2,000 worth of clicks within 3hrs.
    The goal is to complete 2k-5k worth of clicks within 3hrs/4hrs .
  2. Make sure that you finish the click’s because you can’t stop the timer
    If you will not complete the required number of clicks, you will not get the $10 reward.Clicks-required.jpg
  3. The maximum amount that you can Earn is $50, or 5 days worth of clicking.
  4. $50 is the minimum payout. Once you reached the max payout, it will be transferred to your wallet ( the next following friday or 10 days after your request. (The reason behind this process is because the foreign clients are the one batch processing the request)

    TIP: Wag mo i-click yung youclick kapag di mo pa nagagawa yung clicks for the day kasi automatic aandar yung timer mo. (Make sure na ready ka na babaran yung clicking if moble user ka)


Watch this short review that I made about ALifeLong

Now let’s go back to the business side

P1,500 is what you need to get the access for both sites #1 and #2.
Yung set of codes na yun is called MINT.
(Make sure na registered ka muna bago ka mag activate)
You can get it MINTs from me, click and message me here

Earnings from clicking is max of 2,500, it means you get back the amount you used for getting the code and got 1,000 on top of it = 66% profit after 10-15 days time. Better than lending like 5/6. (Bumbay)

So yung 1,500 mo, kumita ng 1k, if lalaruin mo yung system, 10 accounts = 10k in 2-3weeks.
15 accounts = 15k in just 2-3 weeks. and so on. Mas madami, mas malaki yung kikitain mo.

If ayaw mo magclick, may program tayo para dyan, para mapadali at hayahay buhay mo, click mo yung (secret)

Download mo dito yung Auto Clickers, watch mo to

But if you will get “Referrals”, see #1 video. There is a huge chance of earning more.

Easy money? In a way oo pero it will take time before ka kumita ng 1M dito, no hyping.
Sa Binary ka kikita dito ng passive kasi if you share the program to others at nagustuhan nila, they will be part of your network and in a binary system, magandang senyales yan na kikita ka ng extra.

————–I’ll end this here——————-


When you look on technicalities of things, a business should start upfront with complete system, maayos at plantsado bago magsimula. It’s going to protect the credibility of the company and also gives confidence sa mga members.
Your decision if you want to join or not depends on your risk appetite, it’s all up to you. I wrote this post kasi concerned citizen lang din kasi ko, All I’m after is Value for Money.
If you think ALifeLong gives you value, then go for it. Pero kung alangan ka or 50/50, I suggest you to compare this company sa mga existing na programs.

I’m against HYIP companies, kasi sinisira nila yung image ng Affiliate and MLM industry, nadadamay yung ibang mga legit. I’m not saying ALifeLong is one of them but just be cautious when joining programs.
Maging mapag matyag, look up on FACTS, your hard earned money and nakasalalay dito.

Risky ang opportunity, but for 1,500 for 1 account, pwede mong itago sa bank or save it. It’s all up to you. But if gusto mong laruin and try it, you can register here and sign up.
Kasi yung sa YOUCLICK program, mababawi mo sya in just 2-3 weeks time. Ito yung Video ng 5th day ko sa Youclick, ready na for cashout.
So if ROI and titignan mo, meron ROI in a span of 10-15days, walang sponsoring , just your own account. Pero if magkakaruon ka ng downlines, you’ll earn as well sa ALifeLong binary system .

Let me know if decided ka and want to start sa opportunity na ng ALifeLong.

Note: When you register, you will have 3-4 days to activate your account, or else it will be gone from the system, pero pwede ka ulit magregister ulit. To help you with activation, pm me here

Update DECEMBER 4 For ordering mint (formerly code).

Message me here – Aaron Barnedo

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Watch my 1st payout sa binary video. (funny)

Ito yung latest na payment request with Transaction


Latest update: Soft Launch ng ALifeLong